The value we bring comes from what we value.
If you value what we value, we should talk.

We value people 

We value people.

Businesses exist for people. Yes, businesses need to make a profit, but the profit is for people. A business’s ultimate worth is found in its benefit to people. Good businesses value people. Good businesses enable employees to enrich their lives. Good businesses strengthen the community. When good people in good businesses win, we all win. 

 We value business

We value business.

The business of Wilkerson is business. Sound business decisions lead to success. Sound tax and accounting services will supplement that success. Planning for success will make success more probable. Tax and accounting wisdom will make that success more enjoyable. Our business is all about your business.

 We value integrated knowledge

We value integrated knowledge.

Expertise with creativity yields success. Businesses require both vision and implementation. Seeking to actualize a vision has caused many a business dream to evaporate; but effective implementation allows a dream to take on substance. We team with top-level professionals both inside and outside our firm to achieve the best solutions. Individuals excel at dreaming; teams excel at implementation.

 We value long term success

We value long-term success.

Tenacity and learning deliver solutions. A quick fix is often more quick than fix. It takes integrity to resist simplistic shortcuts, and it takes perseverance to build longterm success. We are convinced that tenacity coupled with a commitment to lifelong learning will prevail over any complex issue. Solving complex issues can lead to success. Your success is our success.